Three commonly used cold closet specially for medical cold chain

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In the process of cold chain logistics and transportation, the cold xloset also plays a very important role.
Cold closet classification dimension is more, we according to the commonly used insulation material is divided into eps, pu, epp three. Here are three kinds of cold closet specially for medical cold chain.

Bearing selection misunderstanding: bearings are steel does not fear high temperatures!

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“The china high sealing precision deep groove ball bearings in one of the large valves in the plant have relatively high temperatures and the bearings are always failing, is the grease not the right choice? Is there a high temperature grease recommended? Or are the bearings being used improperly?” .
High-temperature applications, engineers first think of lubrication options, rarely will consider whether bearing steel manufactured bearings to meet the high-temperature applications, because in the minds of many people, bearings are steel, steel is able to withstand very high temperatures, at least the melting point is more than 1,000 degrees Celsius.
In fact, bearings in high-temperature applications can not only consider lubrication, for some extreme high-temperature applications, the first thing should be considered is the impact of the bearing body material.

What factors should be combined in the selection of advanced bearings for electric compressors?

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The most widely used bearings in electric motors are rolling bearings. Rolling bearings are a standardized component with the advantages of low friction, easy starting and simple replacement. When we are engaged in daily maintenance or mechanical design, reasonable and correct selection of bearing fit is crucial. Influence of rolling bearing with the selection of many factors, in the choice of fit, must be a combination of various factors to consider, and combined with the actual work of the analogical method, in order to achieve the best fit state.

Cold Closet Specially for Medical Cold Chain: Ensuring Vital Temperature Control for Healthcare

ColdClosetspeciallyforMedicn 1690180496938

In the healthcare industry, the safe storage and transportation of medical products that require strict temperature control, such as vaccines, medications, and biological samples, are of paramount importance. To meet these critical needs, the “Cold Closet specially for Medical Cold Chain” has emerged as a vital solution. This advanced refrigeration equipment plays a pivotal role in preserving the integrity and efficacy of medical cold chain products throughout their journey from production to administration.

Bearings for driving motors design application characteristics

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Rolling bearing is a rotating part of the drive motor, high speed, high temperature, frequent starting and stopping along with the impact of the main working conditions of electric vehicle drive motors, the development of a series of sealed deep groove ball bearings that can adapt to the conditions of the working conditions, to meet the hybrid bus, pure electric bus, pure electric passenger cars, pure electric mini-vehicles and a series of new energy vehicles drive motors to use. And they are widely used in the market.