Five Essential Engine Parts You Need to Know About When Maintaining Your Car

Having a basic understanding of your car’s engine is important for regular maintenance. A well-maintained engine will perform optimally, extend the life of your car, and help you identify potential issues before they become a bigger problem. Here are five essential engine parts you need to know when maintaining your car:

Spark Plugs

  • Spark plugs are an essential part to keeping your car running smoothly. These create the spark required in the combustion chamber of the engine.
  • Make sure you replace spark plugs regularly to ensure your car is running at peak performance.

Oil Filter

  • The oil filter helps clean the oil in your engine, which helps create smooth engine operation.
  • Be sure to replace the oil filter regularly—usually every 7,500 – 10,000 miles—and after oil changes.

Pistons and Cylinders

  • The pistons and cylinders are the heart of your engine and help create and contain the combustion that drives your car.
  • Make sure you check the condition of your pistons and cylinders regularly.


  • The valves in your engine allow air and fuel to enter and exhaust the combustion chamber.
  • If the valves are not working optimally, they can cause a decrease in engine performance and efficiency.

Radiator and Coolants

  • The radiator and coolants help cool your engine to prevent it from overheating when it is in use.
  • Be sure to add coolant regularly so your engine is running smoothly and efficiently.

By understanding these essential parts of your engine, you can keep your car running optimally and extend its life. It also helps to identify any potential problems ahead of time and take steps to fix them. Regular maintenance of your engine is the key to a car that runs smoothly, efficiently, and for many years to come.

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