Three commonly used cold closet specially for medical cold chain

In the process of cold chain logistics and transportation, the cold xloset also plays a very important role.
Cold closet classification dimension is more, we according to the commonly used insulation material is divided into eps, pu, epp three. Here are three kinds of cold closet specially for medical cold chain.

cold closet specially for medical cold chain

Eps Cold Closet specially for Medical Cold Chain

This kind of cold closet is the most common, we usually buy fresh food on the Internet, and usually use this kind of insulated box with ice packs delivery. The cold closet is polyvinyl chloride plastic.

Eps insulation layer: commonly known as foam board. Commonly used in fast food takeout boxes as a thermal insulation layer, suitable for short time, short distance refrigerated transportation, general insulation effect, very low density.

Foam insulation box is easy to damage, reusable value is not high, when the temperature reaches 65 ℃, the harmful substances in the plastic will penetrate into the fifteen, which will cause damage to the human liver, kidney and central nervous system. Generally more suitable for low-temperature refrigerated transportation, has the characteristics of low price, so it is still very widely used.

At this stage, with the development of technology, eps cold closet in the structure of the new process improvement, can be improved to a certain extent it would have had the defects. For example, the inner liner using food-grade PP material to adapt to high temperature, the outer liner using PE material to increase the impact strength.

Pu Cold Closet specially for Medical Cold Chain

Pu cold closet, chemically known as polyurethane. Commonly used in freezers, refrigerators, cold storage, refrigerated trucks as thermal insulation filler, has a very strong thermal insulation, shock absorption (impact resistance)

The difference between the thermal insulation effect of eps and pu

Any kind of heat preservation material, it is specific heat preservation time according to the external environment, the number of times to open the cover, the number of hot and cold sources to decide. Generally speaking, pu has more than 3 times the thermal insulation capacity than eps.

Process of Pu cold closet specially for medical cold chain

PU (polyurethane) cold closet.PU is not hard enough and is commonly used in freezers and refrigerators as insulation filler. Need the outer skeleton to support. The specific practice is not quite the same.

  • Pu plus pe and pp

The inner part of the cold closet is made of pu material, the outer shell is pe, and the inner wall is food-grade pp. This kind of box usually does not exceed 200l.

  • Pu+color steel plate+stainless steel

Outer size 1500*1000*1000mm, inner size 1350*850*850mm. outer material color steel plate, cold closet overall mold one-piece molding, thickness of polyurethane foam 7.5cm right side single door openers, the inner bottom plate stainless steel plate. Aluminum wrapped edges and corners.

  • pu+vip+pe+hIPS

Use PU+VIP one-piece foam molding process, the main material is PU and VIP+PU, PU material density is 38~42kg/m³, VIP thickness is more than 15mm, the outer surface layer is made of reinforced PP honeycomb board, 3.5-3.8mm thick, the inner surface layer is made of HIPS material, with good heat insulation performance; the whole box is made of one-piece foam molding process, the box inside and outside the box is smooth and clean, no defects, no corners. The whole box adopts one-piece foam molding production process, the box inside and outside is clean and smooth, no defects, no debris, no gaps in the joint position, solving the traditional cold closet specially for medical cold chain leakage of cold, thermal bridge reaction problem, enhance the thermal insulation effect, prolong the thermal insulation time.

Epp Cold Closet specially for Medical Cold Chain

Epp material (foamed polypropylene), is a food-grade environmental protection foam material.

Compared with the white eps cold closet, it has the advantages of strong thermal insulation, lightweight box, firm and tough, heat-resistant 120 ℃, easy to clean, no odor. Normal use of 3 years no problem, not suitable for loading sharp objects, not suitable for long time water.

Compared with the pu cold closet specially for medical cold chain , the insulation effect is also slightly better, but the difference is not very big. Strength, not to mention, pu must use sandwich structure, epp can be molded in one piece. In the environmental friendliness of this piece also has the advantage. The main difference should be in the environmental protection and strength, in these two aspects, EPP as a new material has obvious advantages. The short board is that the application of epp is not as extensive as pu, the current price is still relatively high.

Benefits of Cold Closet specially for Medical Cold Chain

  1. Foam class: use it to hold food seriously affect our health. When the temperature reaches 65 ℃, the harmful substances in the disposable foamed plastic will penetrate into the food, which will cause damage to the human liver, kidneys and central nervous system. Foam boxes are generally polyvinyl chloride plastic. Generally used for low temperature refrigerated transportation.
  2. Peculiar waterproof cloth quality: the use of Oxford cloth or nylon cloth made of thermal insulation box has many advantages, strong and wear-resistant; configuration of waterproof rubber bottom, the bottom of the non-slip and so on. Independent heat preservation food warehouse, configure anti-pressure system, food storage is not extruded. The inner food bin is made of aluminum foil and insulated by PE cotton with both cold and hot insulation function. Environmental protection and safety, can be directly in contact with food.
  3. Plastic: Plastic has been widely used in all areas of daily life, made of plastic supplies such as plastic bags, plastic cups, plastic bottles, etc., can be found everywhere. However, some of the plastic products sold in the market used in different temperature, humidity and other conditions may release toxic and harmful substances (even some carcinogenic substances), is not safe.
  4. Singed metal material ground: Metal cold closet specially for medical cold chain  is one of the multifunctional equipment for cargo unit assembly, commodity storage and commodity circulation. Its disadvantages are too bulky, not removable, and the corners are easy to scratch the skin.
  5. Be careful with wooden material: Its disadvantage is poor insulation performance. Advantages of low cost, but also appears to be bulky, not convenient to carry food delivery, not removable, corners are easy to scratch the skin.

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